Sennenland CHANCE TO WIN

Champion de Hongrie

HD A/A - ED 0/0

DOUSCHKA Bernenskie Ranczo

Championne internationale de Beauté
HD A/A - ED 1/1 - OCD Free

Fictiv pedigree

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I am very proud to announce the mating between DOUSCHKA Bernenskie Ranczo, female recommended by French BMD club and international champion, with a magnificent Hungarian stud, Sennenland CHANCE TO WIN called COBY (datas), of whom I had made one of my priorities for at least 2 years. I went in Hungary on March 24th and 25th of this year and the practised ultrasounds last April 17th allowed to conclude that DOUSCHKA was pregnant. It is a WONDERFULL new for Arvernes Suisses Kennel because the granted efforts are important and I am not sure to be able to renew regularly this kind of initiative even if the intellectual urge does not miss.

COBY is in my opinion the perfect synthesis of his two parents.
On father hand, he inherited from the magnificent construction of his father, Xanders Hill HARLEQUIN SCOOBY DOO, fantastic stud which truste the podia of the most prestigious European exhibitions for many years. SCOOBY DOO arises from a litter of 4 brothers (HARRY, HUNTER and HERO) and 1 sister ( HAYDN), which got particularly success because there was only one, HERO, imported in France, which is not a champion. To date, SCOOBY DOO is the parent of numerous champions and it would seem that the downward first COBY’s offsprings also follows this dynamics. Of SCOOBY DOO, COBY inherited from this perfectly horizontal very muscular and very wide short back, from these wonderful angulations whom I so much wish to fix in my lineages, of perfectly parallel upstandings and an extraordinary move endowed with a strong push letting think that it floats on a cloud.
On mother hand, he inherited from the excellent work of Andrea MARRET, Swiss Kennel de Marais Champagne, in particular from this magnificent head with his very wide skull, it stop just that is needed pronouncement, these eyes darkened in almond and these implanted well ears, directly inherited from the famous YSVEN van de Weyenberg and from his father Macis SPRINGSTEEN. COBY’s mother, GREAT TO BE HAPPY de Marais Champagne, is other one than the sister of very beautiful GRAND QUEZAC de Marais Champagne for whom I have a thought for this strud that I had the opportunity to cross repeatedly on European shows with THORGAL.

Then yes, COBY inherited all these qualities and I indeed hope to share them with my future pups. Associated with the fact that DOUSCHKA enjoyed me to give birth to very beautiful healthy Berneses during its previous two litters with THORGAL and ROJAN.

By realizing this mating, I am in the continuity of my ambitions posted for a long time, namely to bring into the world pups having a sufficient life expectancy (close or 9 years old superior), a heritage health for dysplasia with good level of quality and qualities demonstrated and indisputable for beauty, every partner with temper of good Berneses. On this subject, the test of character not existing in Hungary, I can testify of the excellent character of COBY which is above all a dog family with his small one-year-old and half mistress.

Longevity: this parameter became for me essential and both relatives of this mating can show of it; they present each an average longevity of 9 years and 4 months calculated on their last 30 ancestors (last 4 generations), what is excellent nowadays at our BMD for which it is on average for the national level close to 7 years. The pups will be born with a life expectancy of 8 years and 10 months on the 4 last generations with 7 ancestors still alive.

Dysplasia: the results on the last 4 generations of the babies are excellent:
- for hips, 24 dogs are HD A/A and 6 HD B up the 30 last ancestors
- for elbows, on 25 officially read dogs, 22 are ED 0/0 and 3 are ED 1

Phenotype: it is advisable to note that up the 30 last ancestors of the future pups, 25 are champions whose 13 international champions. It remains fundamental in my opinion to be able to lean on outer judgments to estimate the quality of our dogs because each knows that we have any most beautiful BMD of the world at home.

I think that pups will be born in the neighbourhood of next May 25th. The expectation will be for me as long as the results of ultrasounds. I hope for magnificent pups, their genetics being there to allow it.